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Download Instructions

Step 1
In the file download window, click "Open" or "Run"

Step 2
The download takes about 10-40 minutes. If you see a security warning, click "YES" to complete the installation.

Step 3
Click "Next" on the ProTow Installer Including Finished. The ProTow software will then appear on your start menu.

Step 4
After you install the program make sure you set up the folowing files:  company File, Accounts/Customer, Employee, Truck file.  After you complete that you will be able to run the program.

We want you to get the most out of ProTow Towing Software so If you need any help call support!.


You may download a copy now or we can send you a copy via the U.S. postal service by clicking on the link below. (U.S. Customers only)


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  Wireless Technologies Built In 

Paging Technologies



Works With:





and More!

Do lien letters for:

District Of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina 
West Virginia

And More!

Save your company time!


You need a tough tow truck to last your company a long time, and its important that you keep track of all your assets isn't it time you get a software program that tracks them and is just as tough?


Lot Control
Complete lot control, easy to use, lets you type in the last four digits of the VIN Number taking you right to that VIN for that vehicle and all its information. 
  Query Reporter Module  

With Query Reporter for ProTow XTR (You Must Have ProTow XTR Installed First) you are able to do More! Do your own customized reports and Export your data into Excel. Protow has plenty of reports to run but with Query reporter you can do hundreds of specialized reports that you need fast. Pull all your data Commissions, tickets and more! Export your information right into Excel with ease. Easy memory that remembers your reports every time, Makes your company run smooth.

Network Ready
Now with Auction Notification Pop ups. let your company Know when to send out lien letters and it will not let you forget to process them, constant reminders that will save your company lots of money! Simple Easy to Use, Most Complete Towing Company Management Software Available, Designed By The Towing Industry For Towing Services. VIN Look Up, Paging System, Quick Dispatch Tickets, Accounting / Payroll, employee commissions, Billing, Sales Report, Income Report, Log Report, Lien Letter System, auto Clubs, Truck Maintenance, Quick books export, Impound Lot Management, Dispatch screen, Multi-User / Network Ready, runs on 2000,XP,2003.




PTOM Logo-1.jpg

ProTow Operations Manager (PTOM)
  • TomTom GPS                tomtom-logo_tcm166-3340.png
  • For any size company: startup to large multi-site, multi-state operations.
  • Flexible Rate system for simple and accurate invoicing of towing / recovery fees.
  • QuickBooks Two-Way synchronization
  • Fuel Saver technology 
  • Work across multiple companies or locations using PTOM World Office
    technology, or off-line on your laptop
  • Go Mobile! with PTOM Mobile, works on iPad\iPhone, Android,
    and Smart Phones.
  • PTOM runs on your server or machine, not ours.
  • Protect your Profitability with our alert system
  • Get any report delivered to your inbox automatically, you say when you need it!
  • Credit Card processing right from the software, no external terminals needed
  • Don't want to go mobile yet? Use the two way paging of tickets.
  • Complete lot management, with skip tracing info integrated
  • PTOM provide operational and business decision support
    software to help make actionable and accountable decisions
    to better manage your vehicle towing and storage business.
  • Contact our professional sales staff for a free evaluation of your company needs!
  • PTOM is only available through sales to demo.
    Sign Up for a Personal Demo Today Sales: 1-307-363-AUTO
  • Click here to compare XTR to PTOM

  Professional Towing and Auto Repair Management System (All In One)  



"ProTow XTR Is The Smart Business Choice"  

The Only Software Rated Number 1 With Towing Companies.

No need for any other accounting software this system does it all.

ProTow XTR With Artificial Intelligence ILS (Intelligent Learning System) The Only Towing Software That Learns Your Business Every Day.  We have spent many years developing this new technology to give you the most advanced towing program ever. 

ProTow Software offers what just might be the answer to ALL Your concerns. We want to help you to get up and running fast, with as small a financial commitment as possible. And, unlike other companies, we are willing to "Put our money where our mouth is,  you cant go wrong with ProTow".

As a client of Marr Software your company will benefit not only in price but also in development of the software as our company does not charge a fee for this we always listen to our clients and their concerns, if it benefits the product we guarantee we will add it, its our bottom line to keep our clients satisfied.

Enterprise Server Edition that Supports Quick Books,
Map Solution, Dynamic Lot System, CUSTOM REPORT GENERATION That

Loss Prevention Technology Helping your company prevent losses due to employee theft including asset tracking and secured accounting technology tracking.

Automatic Off Site Back Up

Files can be accidentally overwritten, deleted or become corrupt. Laptops can be stolen. System hard drives can fail. But with Off-Site Automatic Backup, you don’t have to worry about it! Off-Site Automatic Backup provides a 'set-it and forget-it' file backup solution, as well as file encryption and compression. Supports complete system or incremental backups and can quickly restore an entire system, files from a specific point in time, or specific files from multiple backups. 

Easy to use

Non Modular (1 price for 1 System You Choose What Features To Use)

We Take Care Of Your Company (Excellent Support)

Security: Runs at your office not ours your data is secure.  Security management system was designed and implemented for the U.S. Military. Once implemented we can't even get in!

Read Below For More Features and Benefits.




  Dispatching, Tow Truck Monitoring, Ticket status, Vehicle Release Status 

Detail Dispatch
  ProTow XTR Enterprise Management 


  Towing Truck Maintenance 

  Employee Records 

Employee Records
  ProTow XTR Runs on Your Computer 

Designed to provide towing companies of all sizes with the most complete towing management and auto shop repair system available.

For evaluating ProTow, we offer a free 30-day Trial. This is a fully functional Program with all of the Enterprise version features. At the end of the 30 day trial, the Trial Edition becomes Expired. At any time, full commercial deployment capabilities for an existing trial edition installation can be activated by simply inserting a valid serial number and activation for ProTow XTR, without the need to perform a re-install.

ProTow XTR, lets you easily enter, store, and access a variety of Vehicle, Dispatch, Lot, and Ticket information Including Auto Repair. All of your data is secure, centrally located, and easily formatted to run custom reports so that you can put the valuable information you collect to good use. From end of day reports and ticket tracking to Lien Letter, auto Clubs and Truck Maintenance, the ProTow XTR program gives you what you need from Lien letter processing through Complete Lot control with our flagship accounting systems.

Motor Clubs: Keep track of all your motor club transactions with calculations

Insurance Companies: Keep track of all your insurance transactions with calculations

Security: Simple Security That Is Fort Knox Tough.

Over 100 Reports!  Add the Query Reporter Module and have well over a 1000 different reports that run on Excel!

There is only one ProTow, Get the Original Since 1992.

Call Tech Support for references.

Feel free to browse the site and explore. Please Sign in and register and take the ultimate challenge and download ProTow XTR for unlimited use for 30 days Free!


 Are you searching through a pile of paperwork when the PD or an insurance company asks you about a car?

Not with ProTow!  Never use the calculator again, stop using other software that doesn't measure up to your business, go professional, you will see the difference in just a few days of running the program!

Do you have to put callers on hold while you look for the yard card? Links to Truck & Driver, Accounts Receivable and Lien Sale Processing make our Lot Control Program perfect for Storage yards. So easy to use, you will find yourself entering your stored vehicles just minutes after you install. Last 4 Number VIN Look-Up and Registered Owner Look-Up are all a part of PROTOW Lot Control. Lien Sale program automatically creates the DMV request, When you process the information, our software automatically enters the names and addresses of the people you have to notify, which saves you typing. Accounts Receivable (Invoices, Statements, Reports) Accounts Receivable keeps track of the money you are owed. A/R makes your End of the Month headaches a thing of the past. When a customer calls about the account, you can quickly and accurately answer any question. Corrections are just as easy. Wireless Communications System Built in at No extra charge (Silent Dispatching - Fast, Easy, Inexpensive) This inexpensive technology allows your dispatcher to spend more time dispatching and less time talking on the radio. Two keystrokes are all it takes. No more 10-9s! Our Customers who are using it are saving thousands of dollars a year and makes your company more efficient with no communication errors to worry about.  


Intelligent tools help you Save Time

ProTow provides Intelligent tools that learn your business. The new intelligent package will help you and your employees get your work done faster and with less errors. Once you get started with ProTow you will find out why its rated #1 with towing companies since 1992.

Towing management software is the key to reducing the time you spend on administrative activities.  

Larger Screen Size

Larger screen adds more viewing at a glance; Make sure your charging the right price per tow. Just another reason why to get started today!  

ProTow comes With 1 User License, You may get more later!

ProTow XTR  comes with 1 network licenses so if you wanted to use it for upfront for your dispatcher and use it in the back office for management you will need to purchase 2 network licenses (keeping track of your pay-role) if you need more computers connected at the same time  “Call Tech Support“

When you Subscribe to ProTow XTR you get A Customized Lien letter For your State

Even if the state changes the law We will keep you up to date.  Free Unlimited tech support for as long as you subscribe to the service.  

Take the Confusion out of your business

Our Towing Software Will help you grow. Towing management software will improve many of your business work flows. A good software package will track a sale all the way from generating the initial estimate to final invoice. Do not waste time passing around and filing carbon copy forms; track everything electronically. Functions Comprehensive Towing management software packages will have a variety of functions. Many can be used as stand alone accounting packages with features that will reconcile your bank statements and generate payroll. It is a much better option to purchase a product with a comprehensive set of administrative functions rather than one that integrates with an external accounting product.

We Recommend Taking the 30 day Challenge!

In order for you to see all the benefits ProTow can offer your Business, Register on the web-site and download the actual copy for 30 days and see for your self just how easy it really is!  

 And If you don't believe ProTow is the best Product for the price or you feel that you’re not getting the service you deserve; you may cancel at any time.  

<FONT color=blue>Thats Right! Error free communications.   Thats Right! Error free communications. 

Wireless Communication 


 Lets you easily send the dispatch information to a verity of communication devices with one click. This feature will save your company time and money error free communications. No more guessing at the location of the call, Lets you select what information you want to send to your drivers, select location of the vehicle, name of the customer, tag number, VIN number, Color of the vehicle, Status of the tow, and more, error free communications, make no mistake thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.




Pricing for the U.S.A. and Canadian Versions including Florida ADD System

Contact Technical Support If You Have Any Questions: Use the live support icon. 
Every thing you need to manage a Towing company and the the vehicles that you Tow, keep track of employees, your Invoices and Tow Trucks, Billing, and more Complete with reporting.

All software and usage costs are fully Tax Deductible.





Still not sure?

Sign Up for a Personal Demo Today Sales: 1-307-363-AUTO


I have been in the wrecker business for 6 years. My duties have always included dispatching and office administration. Protow has made my job a vacation! This program can do everything and more! Protow also has excellent Tech Support. I have used the online chat as well as spoke with a rep on the phone. Not only did I recieve the help I requested, I recieved helpful tips and links of interest.

Thank You for all the help you guys!

Amanda Welford

J&J Towing LLC

Theodore, AL


Thanks a million! When my office manager quit she left me with tons of paperwork and thousands of dollars to be collected.  On top of that, I lost all of the data in my computer.  The staff at Marr Software was there for me to get me trained in how to use the system and to help me recover my lost data so I could get my business back on track.  All in less than an hour just by making one phone call!!!!  That is absolutely incredible! You're a lifesaver, without the help of the Marr Software staff I couldn't have done it!  Thanks again.

Don Renken

1st Tow of Colorado


Our business is our most important investment, The Internet version lets us access the system from the office or at home, when we need to get reports and the accounting out on time. Our company relies heavily on the accounting system that is built in the Internet software, we have cut our time from billing our customers in half giving us more time to work on other assignments in our company.  We have tried other software packages in the past but this software is the best one we have found.

Bill's Towing, Killeen, Texas

<FONT color=#0000ff>Benefits:   Benefits: 


ProTow Towing Software gives you and your staff easy to use multi purpose towing software solution.

ProTow Was Designed For All Towing Companies in The U.S. and Canada, Designed by the Towing Industry By Major Towing Companies across the country and abroad, No Matter if your company has 2 Employees or you have 100, ProTow is your Solution.  Take Charge of your Company Today and give it a try.  


Enterprise Solution

ProTow runs on your Server not ours

Low Price

Management Administration Solutions

Accounting Package Built In  

Top Speed Data Base Driven 

No Limitation on your data

Store Unlimited Number of Files

Runs on Win 2000/XP Systems

Easy Billing and Invoicing System

Bill your customers 

Towing invoices

Easy Itemized Statements

Auto Club Invoices

Prints Driver Ticket 

Easy Estimates to give to your customers

Charge by Auto Class Range

Charge by Vehicle Type

Charge Storage by Vehicle type, Inside and Outside Storage system


Built in Buyers Guide

Built in Bill of Sale 

By day or by the hour storage calculation system, So you stay within regulations in your state. 

Wireless/Electronic Dispatching

 Sends Ticket information to your driver, no need to print a driver ticket if you choose

Wireless/Electronic Messaging, Give your drivers instant messages on their NEXTEL phones (other phone systems are compatible with this system)

A/R, A/P, Employee, Customer reports and more! Lets you know what’s going on!  
Accounts Payable, Built in

Accounts Receivables, built in.  

Partial Payments 
make partial payments on your customer’s tickets! 

Accept Credit Cards

Accept Checks

Accept Cash

Quick Books Export 
Quick Books Export system, Built in

Mileage tracking 

Mileage tracking, Charge per mile


Commission system Built in, Customized system lets you choose what your employees will get a commission on

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate built in

Charge Your Customer

Charge each one of your customers individually; each customer can be charge a Different price even by the mile!

Multiple Lot Storage System

Capacity to have multiple lots Storage System

Take Charge of your lot, built in system will track your lot and will automatically charge your customer for each day; you just have to set the time when you want ProTow to start charging, Charge Different rates for each car for each customer you have

Tax System

Charge 2 Different Tax Rates, or Don't Charge tax, its up to you, the system lets you choose what you want to tax

Lien Letter System

Prints Lien letters from the data base nothing extra to type, just select the vehicle and print it up

Auction Sale Pop-ups

Lets you know when the time has expired having the vehicle on the lot and its ready to be sold, just tell ProTow how Many Days Before the times up for the vehicle

Extra Fields

Extra Fields, so if ProTow doesn't have what you want to charge, you can change the Fields so that you can charge what you would like to charge for your customer. Example: Auto Repair Field Etc.


Thank you at the bottom of each invoice. or what ever you may want to tell your costumer


Dispatching is built in, Including Digital Dispatching.

Tracking Drivers and Trucks

Track your trucks and know if they are out on a call or waiting on a call, lets you know what trucks are parked and what trucks are on the move.

Tracking Invoice

Tracks all tickets and invoices on the system, lets you know when they are completed or if they are still open

Tracking Customers

Tracks your customer payments and lets you know when they are behind on payments


Charge by check, Credit and Cash

Payment Selection

When you Customer pays on a batch of tickets and does not have all the funds to cover them all, ProTow will let you select the tickets or invoices and tag them (select them) to pay and process them individually.

Tow Truck Maintenance

Tow Truck maintenance is built in, add tune-ups and parts, mileage and prices so you know how much its costing you

Keep Track of your Utilities

keep track of them and how you pay them and when you paid them

Keep Track of  your Vendors

Keep track of all of your vendors and how you pay them and when you paid them

Auto Shop Repair System Built in

Off Site Back up system
The ProTow XTR System, has a quality back up system that is built for ProTow XTR no need to worry about lost data, your data will be stored on our safe server never again worry about crashing your computer or server your data is safe. 



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